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Looking for more information and support? Click on the links below to visit other helpful online resources. Please note that these links are provided only for your convenience. Kennedy University Hospital does not control, and is not responsible for, the content on these Web sites.

Organizations, Support & Research
  • American Obesity Association—A professional organization dedicated to educating the public about obesity, helping healthcare professional provide the best care for people with obesity, and preventing obesity in children as well as adults.
  • American Society for Bariatric Surgery— A professional society that provides educational and support programs for surgeons and allied health professionals.
  •—A resource for more information about the FDA-approved BioEnterics® LAP-BAND® Adjustable Gastric Banding System.
  • National Institutes of Health—An authoritative government resource on obesity and most other health conditions.
  • ObesityHelp™—An online hub of information on obesity and bariatric surgery.
  • ObesityHelp™ Magazine—A magazine dedicated to the concerns and issues of people with obesity.
  • ObesityHelp™ Store—The place to go for everything from inspirational T-shirts to educational literature on obesity and bariatric surgery.
  • Obesity Law and Advocacy Center—An advocacy law practice dedicating to representing people with obesity that offers tips on how to expedite the health insurance approval process for bariatric surgery.
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